How to map your business objectives to the different phases of your Consumer Decision Journey.


Woman checking smartphone while shopping

The customer decision journey by McKinsey has become the model for learning about how our customers approach a purchase decision. What results can you obtain if this model is aligned with your business objective and customize this process better for your customer?

Initial consideration Set – In this phase of the customer decision journey, they want to relate with good brands they are familiar with or one that solves a particular problem. The question a firm should be asking is, do consumers recall and recognize my brand? And will they make my brand part of their decision-making process?

Active evaluation – At this stage, the consumer is researching, asking family and friends or people they know who have that product or service. In order to be effective and in winning this stage, firms should be asking, do my products satisfy consumers need? This will generate answers to help the firm influence customer consideration.

Moment of Purchase – At this point in the customer decision journey, firms want to know if their sales efforts are resulting in wins for their brands. If not a firm has to improve their sales process. There could be issues with their product placement or loopholes in the sales process that make final decision making difficult for customers.

Post Purchase Experience– Firms put a lot into building expectation and trust and when a customer makes a purchase they expect to see some of what was promised during their decision journey. Firms should carry the pre-sales wooing experience to post sales since that is what customers will remember most. One question that will help firms achieve this is, does the experience I deliver fulfill my customer expectation?

Experience and Loyalty Loop – Every firm will do anything to be in this phase where their customers keep coming back and also become their brand advocates. They use and also recommend their products to friends and family members, thereby shortening the journey for new clients and more wins for the brand.  Firms who are not at this stage yet could be asking, how do customers advocate for my brand?

By Akwasi Oppong, Web This Marketing

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