Month: May 2017

Using social media to support business growth in Africa.

Social media has changed the way we communicate today and there is no question one continent that has benefited from the use of social media is Africa.
According to the Pew Research, 1 out if every 10 people in Africa has a cell phone with social media apps installed. While the use of social media has been limited to connecting with friends and family, there is great need for businesses and organizations to harness the business potential of social media for growth.
Social media is widely used and accepted especially facebook, which provides a medium for businesses to advertise and engage with their clients.
Due to the fact that mobile Technology has been so easy to deploy in most African counties, the availability of devices to connect makes social media accessible.
To have an effective social media campaign in Africa, the business objectives have to be very clear. This will help develop the right message for the campaign. Are the ads for a product, service or educating potential customers?
Keeping facebook ads simple will be vital in communicating a message to customers. This is important because for many facebook users in Africa, keeping relevant information simple will be easy to consume and act on.
The ad has to be intuitive, relevant and provide an expected outcome. Most often when a customer clicks on an online ad, they are disappointed to be taken to a home page of a website which does not address what the ad promised. Specific landing pages have to be designed to provide what the ad promised to guide the customer or visitor to the right page.
In addition the cost of social media, marketing is lower in most African countries, meaning the advertising cost for any business or organisation will be relatively low.  This means they can reach more customers.
Finally using the right images and content to convey the messages will result in great impressions which, will convert to sales.
By Akwasi Oppong, Web This Marketing LLC