Marketing objectives for an effective Marketing campaign

Marketing objectives for an effective Marketing campaign

Building Awareness
The goal of every business is to sell their products and services. In order to do so consumers have to be aware of their brand, know what they do best, what problems they solve and for existing customers an opportunity to know what new products or innovation their favorite brand has to offer.

It is not a coincidence that when a home buyer is looking at features in a new home they may say, “ The house has a Jacuzzi”. The reality is the house has a hot tub but irrespective of the brand customers have become very aware of the Jacuzzi brand. A few years ago in the early years of the high-tech boom, one could be heard asking, “can you Xerox these documents for me?”, meaning can you make some photo copies. Xerox was a familiar brand to most consumers and still is today.

One way to build brand awareness is to make your brand so easily available and accessible to consumers and have people talking about it. Dropbox did this so brilliantly by offering existing users 500 MB of extra storage space for every friend they refer who signed up (up to 16 GB). Back when Dropbox was still new, this referral program helped generate a huge number of sign-ups saving them countless advertising dollars. Dropbox now is a familiar brand among its competitors.

Influence Consideration
Being able to influence a customer at the Zero Moment of truth is critical in shifting their purchasing decision in your favor. When a customer is considering a product the decision can be made based on a wide range of issues. Having a better understanding of what customers want and making sure your product or service satisfies their need is critical. 

Improve Sales Process
The goal of every firm is to make a profit through sales, and when the sales numbers are not showing, the process has to be examined to determine where the bottlenecks exist. A company could have a great product or service, however, if the sales process is not well aligned to the actual activities of selling the product, like visibility and availability. If customers can touch and feel the product, it forms an emotional connection which is more likely to result in a purchase.

Reposition the Brand
All firms have a goal of solving problems and providing services. The question firms should be asking is how their product is meeting customer expectations, and what steps they can take to understand what their customers really want.

The challenge most businesses have is, they try to be too many things to too many customers and end up not meeting any expectations at all. Educating customers about your brand will help them understand how their needs can be meet with your product.

Grow Loyalty
Having a product or service where customers keep coming back is the ideal place every firm or business want to be. Customers who advocate for you on the benefit of your products is the ultimate place to be in the marketing process. This means you customer knows your brand, have used it and enjoyed your sales process and are now brand ambassadors of your brand.  

Not only do they go out of their way to promote it but they also build consumer confidence in your Brand. 

By Akwasi Oppong, Web This Marketing

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